Case studies

Image is everything with high profile
branding, so it is absolutely vital that
the customer gets exactly what they want.

Quite often months, or even years of planning go into the design of complex external liveries and when these ideas become realised through our knowledge of aircraft and materials, the end results can be breathtaking.

When Gulf Air wanted to celebrate their 50th anniversary they commissioned the internationally renowned artist and calligrapher Nja Mahdaoui to create a range of stunning designs to decorate part of their fleet. We were given the task of adapting Kufic scripted works of art into full scale livery masks and to ensure we stayed true to his creations, the artist flew in to work alongside us.

In 2004 we were asked to develop and apply graphics to the aircraft designated to carry the Olympic torch around the world prior to the Athens Olympic Games. The aircraft of choice was a Boeing 747 jumbo that came to us as a blank canvas and left the hangar covered nose to tail in coloured vinyl. The high profile scheme was greeted with red carpet receptions and TV crews every time it landed, as it slowly plotted its course around the globe.

When the glamorous world of Formula 1 Grand Prix, recently added Abu Dhabi to it’s roster of destinations, Etihad wanted to celebrate the good news in style and tasked us to produce a special one off livery. It took five of our most experienced applicators six full working days to apply the design over the Christmas period and the end product was perfect.

We are often asked to decorate aircraft to advertise a TV special, a movie premier,
or a world tour. These will usually be short term leases that require both application and removal and have recently included graphics for such world renowned acts as U2, Robbie Williams and Jay-Z.